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One Share Option....

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Why buy a share option in OWTE Oil - "The peoples Oil Company" ?

OWTE Oil (Pronounced "Oh Whaty" - actually came from Ocean Waste To Energy).

Through a process called Pyrolysis Ocean & Beach waste will be extracted and processed back in to crude oil !

Billions of dollars worth of FREE feed stock just floating ! ( together we will be clearing the ocean and beach waste, whilst operating at a profit )
NO Exploration costs ! (we know where it is floating )
NO Drilling ! (so the sea beds are safe)
NO Expensive Oil Rigs ! ( Cost effective extraction and processing )

Join the "Pollution Revolution"......
Become a share holder, and you can also earn whilst spreading the word?
Everyone who signs up as a shareholder, at this early stage, has the opportunity to become a broker, so if you sell 5 - yours is FREE.
Should you have a 1000 friends on Facebook who buy a share through you, then you have earned £2000 !  

Do not donate anymore;   "INVEST" ! 
Because at any stage OWTE Oil will buy your share back for the value shown on the day of the transaction......